The 2019 scholarship application deadline has passed. Do not submit applications. These links are provided for informational purposes. Watch this space in the fall for the 2020 application.

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Applications (all pages) must be printed or mailed by February 1. Email to or use US Mail. Attach typed pages to the application as needed. The street address is on the application. School counselors are encouraged to print the application or refer students to this web page.

If you have questions about the application process, or if you’d like to receive a paper application by US Mail, contact:

If you’re having trouble with the web site, contact the webmasters. Make sure that all the text you enter in the boxes shows up on the printed copy. Print a copy for yourself.

Darla Boczek – School of the Arts
Karolina Bradley – Rush–Henrietta Senior High School
Timothy Cermak – Notre Dame–Cathedral Latin School
Ryan Johnson – Irondequoit High School
Veronika Jurczuk – Wayne Central High School
William Pippin – Victor Senior High School
Justina Pruski – Oakfield-Alabama High School
Paige Wasilewski – Batavia High School
Gabriela Wojtowicz – Hilton High School
Matthew Zarzycki – Rush–Henrietta Senior High School
Victoria Blazey – Canandaigua Academy
Justin Buick – Rush-Henrietta Senior High School
Payton Cook – Hilton Central High School
Madison Goodman – Wayne Central High School
Kelly O’Connell – Our Lady of Mercy High School
Jack Procaccini – Webster Schroeder High School
Daniel Rooney – McQuaid Jesuit High School
Emily Scheck – Webster Schroeder High School
Quinn Sullivan – Canandaigua Academy
Sophia Summa – Aquinas Institute
2016: TBD
2015: TBD
2014: TBD

2013: Ashley Jarkowski (Irondequoit), Samantha Johnson (Irondequoit), Alina Juskiewicz (Webster Thomas), Jacqueline Klimek (Our Lady of Mercy), Renata Lizak (Webster Schroeder), Kaia Megiel (Wheatland-Chili), Morgan Penepent (Churchville-Chili), Robert Sokolowski (Odyssey), Jarek Wierzba (Rush Henrietta), Hannah Zlotnick (Irondequoit)


2012: Matthew Juskiewicz (Webster Thomas), Marta Labecki (Webster Schroeder), Catherine Ives (Irondequoit), Alexa Foley (Victor), Megumi Madura (Our Lady of Mercy), Elizabeth Piotrowski (Pittsford Mendon), Trevor Brudz (Brockport), Absent: Thomas Mscichowski (Aquinas Institute), Warren Solomon (McQuaid Jesuit), Stefan Styk (Pittsford Mendon), Timothy Zielinski (McQuaid Jesuit)


2011: Colin Przybylowicz (Webster Thomas), Tomasz Kaczowka (Webster Thomas), Sara Gallagher (Greece Athena), Evan Mulvehill (Webster Thomas), Stephanie Wiezba (Rush-Henrietta), Daniel Malec (Webster Thomas), Chad Bingo (Webster Schroeder), Christopher Donohue (Homeschooled), Nicole Guilds (Batavia), Absent: Crystal Mastowski (Gates-Chili)


2010: First row: Micheal Mieszczanski (Brighton), Kathleen Johnson (Fairport), Paul Watrobski (Penfield), Second row: Emily Drzewiecki (Byron Bergen), Kaitlyn Henley (Webster Thomas), Eva Bandurowski (Pittsford Sutherland), Sandra Bodzon (Penfield), Third row: Amanda Mikiciuk (Webster Thomas), Slawek Guzierowicz (McQuaid), Melissa Schwartz (Naples), Alexander Styk (Pittsford Mendon), Absent: Anthony Herdzik (Eastridge), Alina Mokrzan (Our Lady of Mercy)


2009: Peter Micichowski (McQuaid) – Stasia Skalny Scholarship, Irena Szablowski (Pittsford Mendon) – Broki Memorial Scholarship, Gloria Szablowski (Pittsford Mendon) – Gabriela Jaskot Scholarship, Eric Przybylowicz (Webster Thomas), Maxwell Bileschi (Webster Thomas), Mark Rykojc (Webster Thomas), Adam Gzegorek (Wayne Central), Alyssa Smith (Aquinas Institute) – Joseph Skalny Scholarship, Tomasz Sokolowski (Odyssey Academy) – Florian Sobolewski Scholarship, Nataliak Wojdak (Spencerport) – Mitchell Rakus Memorial Scholarship


2008: Geoffrey Bilinski (Aquinas Institute) – Stasia Skalny Scholarship, Adam Budz (Fairport), Katarina Gelke (Our Lady of Mercy), Charles Hura (Spencerport), Jacob Kwiatkowski (Spencerport), Keegan Sugnet () – Polish Heritage Society Scholarship, Patryk Grzebien (Webster Schroeder) – Broki Memorial Scholarship, Dyzio Guzierowicz (McQuaid) – Gabriela Jaskot Scholarship, Grzegorz Kaczowka (Webster Thomas), Dariusz Kaczowka (Webster Thomas), Maria Lawrynowicz (Our Lady of Mercy), Marcin Owczarczyk (Webster Schroeder) – Joseph Skalny Scholarship, Katherine Manfred (Fairport) – Christine Krasz Memorial Scholarship, Tomasz Wolek (Webster Schroeder) – Stanley Bartles Memorial Scholarship, Dariusz Wolek (Webster Schroeder) – Florian Sobolewski Scholarship)


2007: Lucy Consler (Nazareth), Lara Ericson (Fairport HS), Alan Herdzik (Eastridge), Meghan McNamara (Spencerport HS), Joseph Michaloski (Hilton HS), Adam Mscichowski (Spencerport HS), Ryle Przybylowicz (Webster Thomas), Michelle Rykojc (Webster Thomas), Christopher Wojdak (Wilson HS, Spencerport), Daniel Zabek (Aquinas Institute)


2006: Back Row: Mateusz Jurkowski, Erin Mulvehill, Kristen Jurkowski, Joshua Jacobs, Sandra Goettleman, Front Row: Christopher Drewiecki, Lindsay Randall, Megan Zarzyski, Rachel Palis

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