PHSR Literary Competition (grades 9-12)

2020 contest has ended, watch this space for future contest announcements.

Entries must be submitted by May 3, 2020. Use the web form below. The objective of the competition is to develop an increased awareness and appreciation of Polish culture. The required topic this year is a significant aspect of the history or culture of the city of Krakow, Poland. $1600 in total prizes!

SCROLL DOWN PAST THE RULES TO FIND THE FILL-IN BOXES. Submit one PDF format file. Your word processing program should be able to save files in PDF format. When ready, select your PDF file from your computer or device and be sure to fill in the blanks below the buttons. After clicking the Upload button, scroll down a little to see the message. You must use PDF format, and your file name cannot have been used by any other author, so look for the success or error message. If you need help, contact essay@polishheritagerochester.org.
  1. The competition is open to high school students—grades nine through twelve—in the Rochester NY area. Entrants need not be of Polish descent.
  2. Prizes will be awarded to one student from each of the four grade levels. The author of the essay determined to be best by the panel of judges will receive an award of $1000 ($500 from the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester and a matching award of $500 from the American Council for Polish Culture’s Wachtel Literary Competition). The other three award winners (one from each of the remaining grade levels) will receive a prize of $200 each. A total of four prizes will be awarded (one for $1000, three for $200).
  3. The essay should be 600 words or longer and discuss a significant aspect of the history or culture of the city of Krakow, Poland. Potential subjects include art, architecture, customs, and impact on the history and governance of Poland. In the past, some essays have been partially based on first person information. If a student would like to interview someone with personal knowledge of Krakow, they should contact Mr. Michael Leach, Chair of the Krakow-Rochester Sister Cities Committee—michael.leach@cityofrochester.gov
  4. All reference sources must be cited.
  5. Entry form and copies of these rules may be found on our website: https://polishheritagerochester.org/literarycompetition
  6. Entries must be received no later than May 3, 2020.
  7. Students will complete an entry form which includes contact information: name, home address, phone number, e-mail address, grade level, high school attended and how they learned of the competition. The information will only be used only to administer the competition and will not be shared outside the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester.
  8. The essay must be written in twelve-point type, double spaced.
  9. The evaluation criteria include originality, depth of research, writing quality, and overall effectiveness. Judging will be done by a panel appointed by the Polish Heritage Society of Rochester. The panel's decision will be final.
  10. Winners will be announced in May 2020.
  11. Names will be published by ACPC http://www.polishcultureacpc.org/ .