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Annual Meeting – Postponed.

July, 2015 trip to Poland

September, 2015 trip to Poland

This is Lily Iserson, the Outreach Assistant for New American Journeys. Thank you so much for our earlier conversation; we really appreciate the Polish Heritage Society’s support!

To briefly recap the mission of New American Journeys @ Rochester Public Library: with funding made possible by StoryCorps, we are recording spoken interviews between members of Rochester’s immigrant communities and their loved ones. These interviews will be archived through StoryCorps and the Rochester Public Library; they will serve to articulate the diversity of immigrant experiences in Rochester for future generations.

Storytellers who recognize that their journey to America impacted them with depth and significance can participate (although our program is titled ‘New’ American Journeys, we are interested in immigrant stories from any era). The recording session takes approximately 60 minutes and will be coordinated by trained facilitators. These interviews are oral in nature and require no specific preparation on behalf of participants. While the process is called an ‘interview’, we encourage storytellers to bring friends or loved ones for the interview process, as this helps to promote comfortable conversation. Participants can use any language they feel comfortable with for recording.

To sign up for a recording session, interested individuals must call participating library branches directly, which is where interviews will take place. (There is a list at our website, here.) I have also attached a poster that can generally underscore our program goals, and includes numbers for further contact. We will be using a StoryCorps interview model as the basis for collecting oral histories — you can listen to some examples here.

I am always happy to answer any general questions regarding program details at my email or phone below. Sarah Lydon, the director of New American Journeys, can also respond to inquiries at sarah.lydon@libraryweb.org, or 428-8397.

Thank you so much, again, for the Polish Heritage Society’s interest and time. If you need any assistance writing the blurb for your newsletter, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to communicating with your organization in greater detail.

Lily Iserson, Outreach Assistant, newamericanjourneys@gmail.com
115 South Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604

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